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Marketing Tenerife is a marketing consultancy based on the beautiful Island of Tenerife and over the last ten years we have been lucky enough to use our skills and creativity to work on diverse technology based projects with clients and agencies across Europe.


We work in the Cloud…

Who we are...


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Marketing Tenerife

For over ten years we have worked with our pool of over 50 programmers, designers and specialists with a wide range of skillsets to build systems that enable and empower our clients to achieve their goals.

Marketing Tenerife teams then go on to manage, nurture and grow your marketing assets.  From broad ranging white hat SEO with pay by result models to content provision of the highest quality and social media asset management.

We take on projects that we know we will enjoy and our clients are people we get on with very well.  Our professional relationships last for years, in some cases more than a decade and we take a long term strategic view to the way we work.

We are proud of the work we have done, and we intend to maintain the high level of quality and service that our clients have come to believe in.

We build cool stuff in the cloud...


WiFi Hotspot Systems

We build WiFi Hotspot integrated authentication and marketing systems ranging from advertising delivery systems to Hotel Virtual Concierge systems integrated with property management and offering various revenue generating opportunities.


Highly optimised for search engines we use an array of content management systems to suit the nature of your project and budget from WordPress to dedicated Content Management Systems built from the ground up to manage the most sophisticated of sites creating smooth workflows, integrated with your CRM systems.

CRM Systems

We customise and implement contact relationship management systems to fit around your workflow, eliminate duplication of work and streamline processes, pushing information to websites and marketing channels and creating a proactive, nimble marketing and sales funnel.

Competitor Analysis

Who are your competitors? What are their strengths and weaknesses in marketing? How should you spend your marketing budget to the best effect, exploiting their weaknesses? We provide you with the information so you can make the best decisions

Sales Intelligence

We analyse your market, build target contact lists of potential clients with an array of information, providing detailed reporting so that you can evaluate the opportunities and niches in your sector.

New Ideas

We thrive on creating intelligent solutions and enjoy thinking out of the box to get there, which is why not all of our work can fit into these neat little descriptive boxes.

We bring power to your marketing...


… adding value to your Marketing Assets

Search Engine Optimisation

Our SEO team has been optimising websites for over a decade, achieving top rankings for our clients in highly competitive keywords.
Our strategies are highly effective, long term and white hat, adding lasting value to your website and generating a reliable flow of visitors from search.

We don’t boggle you with technospeak, but we will move your website higher and higher through search engine results pages. Guaranteed.

We are so confident of our strategies, that we can even develop “Pay-by-results” packages for your chosen keywords and phrases.
It’s simple to find out more and compare costs. Just fill in the form below and we’ll send you back the costs for your keywords to achieve the search engine rankings you want.

Social Media Management

Business Facebook pages, Twitter streams, LinkedIn Company pages and more need interaction and fresh, relevant content to drive visitors to your website.

Our dedicated Social Media Management team will audit your assets, followers and presence and create mixed media information flows accompanied by interactive dialogue to drive customers to your company.

Your Social Media Asset value will grow as we develop and nurture your web presence.

Content Creation

We provide quality content for your website and marketing campaigns.

Articles we write are original, authoritative and well researched, providing core content for your website, newsletters, press releases and web assets.

We produce videos for use on websites for promotions, explainers and training purposes in a wide range of styles.

We are able to produce original work in English and Spanish, and have translators available for most other languages.

Adword Campaigns

Adword campaigns are a quick and effective way to bring your company to a prominent position in search and fill a tactical gap as SEO campaigns take time to mature and gain power and form part of a strategic online marketing plan.

Adwords are also particularly useful in seasonal markets and for product launches.  Visible online within just a few hours, they provide a great tool in building presence.

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